Hairavanti Barbers Price List 

Starting April 2022

Please note that Ninos pricing may differ as he heads into retirement.

Beauty PriceList
Hairdressing Price List


  • Boys Wet Cut [under 9's, Tuesdays-Thursdays] (25mins) £12.50

  • Child Friendly Session (30mins) £15

  • Wet Cut (25mins) £15

  • Wet Cut Restyle (35mins) £20

  • Skin Fade (45mins) £25

  • Wet Cut with Beard Shaping (40mins) £25

  • Skin Fade with Beard Shaping (55mins) £35

  • Flat Top (45mins) £25

  • Gents Wash Cut & Blow Dry (45mins) £25

Family Special Offers

  • Dad & Lad (50mins) £27.50

  • Dad & 2 Lads (75mins) £40

Child Friendly Session

Child Friendly Sessions are designed for children that struggle with the hairdressing experience, in particular children with autism. Your child does not need to have SEN needs to book this

To learn more about what we do and to find out some handy tips please click the link to learn more.


Beard or Shave

  • Hot Towel Cut Throat Shave (45mins) £27

  • Beard Shaping (10mins) £10

  • Hot Towel Cut Throat Shave with Skin Fade (90mins) £50


Our perming includes a hair cut, speak to our perming specialist Mark to find out which would be suitable for you. If you have never had a perm with us before please go online and book a perm consultation. These cost £10 but can be deducted from your future service.

  • Perm Consultation £10

  • Gents Top Perm £51

Alternative Hair Solutions

Alternative Hair Solution Consultation: 45 minute £30 

This is ideal for people suffering with hair loss or are part of the LGBTQ community.

The full cost of the wigs and top pieces can be anything from £100 to £3000. Please visit the information page before booking your consultation. 

Colouring Service inc cut

Colour Consultations are important. They give us the time to assess your needs, and do an up-to-date Allergy Alert Test, and Incompatibility Test. This is required for anyone who:

- has not had a colour with us before

- has not had a colour with us for 6 months

- has coloured the hair themselves in between appointments

- has a change in medical history including covid and any other medical change.

- is wanting a change

- has previously had an allergic reaction to colour

For cases of allergies and those who cannot wait the usual 72 hours, we have allergy free colouring options. These are not suitable for everyone, but we can discuss this option during the consultation.

We cannot do Allergy Alert Tests for under 16's, but we can use our elumen and fabuloso range instead, but we still cannot put these colours on the scalp/

Colour consultations cost £10, and this does come off the final price of the service. Should we decide that hair colouring is not an option we may put the credit towards another service or product.

  • Colour Consultation (10mins) £10

  • Root Colour [40g] (15-45-40) £44

  • Full Head Colour [100g] (30-45-40mins) £53

  • Full Head Olaplex Colour [100g] (30-65-40mins) £74

  • Full Head Foils [100g] (45-45-45mins) £70

  • Full Head Olaplex Foils [100g] (45-45-45mins) £94

  • T Section / Face Framers / Scattered [40g] (20-45-45) £43

  • T Section / Face Framers / Scattered with Olaplex [40g] (20-65-45) £66

The below maybe added to a service

  • Toner [200g] (30mins) £35

  • Root Bleach Out 4-6week regrowth [50g] (15mins) £31

  • Add Olaplex to Colour Services £22

  • Additional 15mins of time £10

  • Add Conditioning Treatment  from £15


Male Grooming Services

  • Eyebrow Waxing £10

  •  Waxing per 30mins (excludes intimate waxing) £20 

  • Ear Piercing form £18.50

  • Indian Head Massage £30 

Indian head massage  is performed whilst you are sat up. It works on the upper back, shoulders, arms as far as the elbow, neck, face, head and even your ears.

Indian head massage works through the lymph node system, the circulation system, helps alleviate pain and discomfort. assists with  stress, headaches, migraines, psoriasis and many other factors. It also sends the happy hormone around your body.

30 minutes , allow 45 minutes​​

  • Indonesian Stress Relief Back Massage £45

By using a range of techniques to stretch out, release knots and tension. A perfect way to reduce stress and aches and pains ensuring your feel pure relaxation focusing on the back, neck and shoulders.
45 minute massage, allow 1 hour​

  • Swedish Full Body Massage £45

Head to toe massage using a range of techniques to relieve tension from day to day life.

The perfect treat for yourself or someone else!

45 minute massage, allow 1 hour​​​

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £45

This massage relieves stress and reduces tension and does exactly what it says on the tin.
45 minute massage, allow 1 hour