Safe Salon Practices

Dear Customer,

Please read the updated information.

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your continuous co-operation whilst we, yet again, work through covid guidelines.

After careful consideration, we have decided that we will not be changing all the guidelines but the main thing for us is the customer experience. As such, we will not be making masks mandatory for our customers and we will bring things like the waiting area back and the coat hanger. We will also start offering drinks again to all our customers not just the ones that are having a colour.

As a team, we have decided that we will continue to wear our masks whilst in close contact but will take them off in between customers.

We will do a wipe down of the chairs and handles twice per day and continue to have a sterilised gown for each customers. We will also continue to get the salon 'fogged' each month.

There are many customers which are not ready for total relaxation. With that we would like you to keep this in mind when interacting with other customers in our salon. 

For anyone who is vulnerable or is feeling anxious, we still can book out a private room or use the downstairs salon. 

We hope to ditch the masks soon, but for us right now is not the right time.

Many thanks for your cooperation, your custom and support.

Hairavanti & Hairavanti Barbers

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