Safe Salon Practices

Dear Customer,

This is the information you have all been waiting for!

As I’m sure you will expect, we’ve had to make some important changes to the salon and the structure, and so although this is an incredibly long message, it’s really important that you read to the end...

We have had to change the layout of the salon so that we can adhere to the distance rules. All stylists will be wearing visors and will be following a stricter than ever hygiene regime, ensuring hands are thoroughly clean between treating each client, keeping contact with clients will be kept to a minimum so that wherever possible, we can apply the recommended distancing. We will be cleaning all communal surfaces even more rigorously than before, such as door handles and sterilizing our work stations before moving on to the next clients. 

We have created a general set of rules for both the ladies’ side and the barber’s side of our business which need to adhered to; it’s absolutely crucial that you read this. As mandated by the government, we are not yet in a position to re-open our Beauty Services, hopefully the government restrictions will ease further soon.

This has been an extremely stressful time for everybody and we’re so excited to see all our clients again. We would ask that although some of the new systems may take longer, that you remain patient and courteous with us all as we all imbed into our new ways of working for the foreseeable future. 

Lastly, we wish to let you know that our friend and colleague, Jemma, will not be returning to work with us. We wish her the absolute best and we know that she will always be a friend of the salon. If Jemma was your stylist and you would like to continue with us, please let us know and we can discuss who you would like to move to. 

We know this has been a lot of information, but please read through properly. We genuinely cannot wait to see your faces again.

Please continue scolling down for the rules and booking details




* Face/Coverings Masks will be mandatory, unless you are one of the exceptions to the rule such as young children.

* Sanitise  or wash hands on entry ( tip: just use a bit, ours is runny)

* Please let us know prior to your appointment if you count as vulnerable

* Clean Hair. For the safety of our staff and other clients, please ensure your hair is clean when you attend your appointment, regardless of the service that you have booked in for.

* Please bring your own drinks to your appointment, as we will not be able to offer clients use of our facilities at this time.  

* As our toilet space is small, we urge clients to only make use of the facility if absolutely necessary. We also urge you to bring as few personal effects as possible as our coat rail will not be available for use.  Please bring a bag to put your coat in to.

* Covid19 Questions 
We will ask you these 3 questions on arrival. Unfortunately if the answer is yes to any of the questions. then we will not be able to continue with the service. If the stylist shows signs of any of these symptoms then the stylist (and potentially the team) will not be at work and we will notify you accordingly.

- Do you have a new continuous cough?

- Do you have a high temperature?

- Do you have a loss of taste/smell?

* Please come to your appointment by yourself. 

* We have repurposed the beauty room downstairs to be able to offer a space for children/family hair cuts. It’s requested that children bring something (a games console or a book) that will keep them occupied during your appointment. Please let us know prior to your appointment if you need this space.

* Payments. To limit contact, please pay by BACS or card where possible

* No discounted services
During this period, the volume of customers we can see is greatly reduced and we’re having to incur additional operating costs. As a business, at this time we cannot support  student/oap/family/kids discounts, or colourful Wednesdays. This is a temporary suspension of our discounted services and we hope to be able to reintroduce them as soon as we’re able to restore our business to normality. 

* Ladies’ Pricing
Owing to the length of time since your last appointment, you may find that your first appointment on returning will require a different service. For example, we would normally charge £47 for colour based on  4-6 week regrowth, however because the last colour was over 3 months ago, we may now need to complete a full head colour and the pricing will reflect this service. Similarly, your usual wash, cut and blow dry (£27.70) may now require a restyle ( £39 ) to be able to restore the shape to your style rather than a more simple trim. Remember that this will only be applicable to your first appointment, unless you leave it 3 months+ again, but I think we’ve all learned our lesson this time! ?

* If you are coming for a massage , you must have showered just before arriving at the salon

* nail services will incur a £2 surcharge on the first visit so that we can give you your nail files. These must be brought to each nail appointment thereafter or we will have to charge you again.

* All face treatments are currently suspended until we hear more

* Please come to your appointment on time. Not early, not late. 

* Please aim to give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. If that cannot be done just as much notice as possible. If you don not ring to cancel your appointment you will be charged in full.

Hairavanti Barbers

To book please use our online booking system. The link is below. If you stuggle give us a call and dont forget to let us know if you need the family room or if you are vulnerable.

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To book for a hair cut or colour consulation please use the online booking system which is below. If you are vulnerable or require the family room please let us know.

For anything else please call the salon.


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