Hairdressing Pricelist 

Starting April 2022

Please note that Ninos pricing may differ as he heads into retirement.

Beauty PriceList
Barber Price List


  • Girls  Under 9 Wet Cut (20mins) £15

  • Girls Restyle (30mins) £19.20

  • Child Friendly Session (30mins) £15

  • Wet/Dry Cut (Age 9-16) (30mins) £19.20

  • Wet/Dry Cut (30mins) £24

  • Wet/Dry Cut (45mins) £31.50

  • Wash Cut & Blow Dry (45mins) £31.50

  • Wash Cut & Blow Dry Age 9-16 (45mins) £24

  • Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment with Cut & Blow Dry £65

  • Big Change Wash Cut & Blow Dry (60mins) £45

  • Fringe Trim £7

  • Hair MOT with Cut & Blow Dry (90mins) Includes Full Olaplex Treatment, Moroccan Oil Restorative Mask and a Salon Exclusive Olaplex Hair Mask £95


  • Express Blow Dry (30mins) £22.50

  • Express 2.0 Blow dry (45mins) £30

  • Bouncy Blow Dry (90mins) £55.50

  • Plaiting/Braiding (15mins) £15

  • Straightening (15mins) £15

  • Express Curls (30mins) £22.50

  • Express 2.0 Curling (45mins) £30

  • Designer  GHD Curls (60mins) £40

  • Put-Up (60mins) £40

  • Wash & Set (70mins) £26

  • Hair MOT with Blow Dry (80mins) Includes Full Olaplex Treatment, Moroccan Oil Restorative Mask and a Salon Exclusive Olaplex Hair Mask £89

Hair Treatments

  • Add Olaplex to Colouring Service (20mins) £22

  • Add Olaplex #2 to Service (20mins) £15

  • Add Moroccan OIl Mask to Service (10mins) £15

  • Add Toning Shampoo (10mins) £12

  • Add Fabuloso Colour Conditioner (30mins) [200g] £32

  • Hair MOT with Blow Dry (80mins) Includes Full Olaplex Treatment, Moroccan Oil Restorative Mask and a Salon Exclusive Olaplex Hair Mask £89

  • Hair MOT with Cut & Blow Dry (90mins) Includes Full Olaplex Treatment, Moroccan Oil Restorative Mask and a Salon Exclusive Olaplex Hair Mask £95

Rapid Roots Colouring Service

  • Rapid Roots £43

Up to 4 weeks of regrowth, no colour changes and no hair cut.​ Includes wash and blow dry but no straightening or curling unless there is time. We aim to get you in and out within the hour! (60mins) [40g]

Colouring Services 
( all  include cut & blow dry )

Colour Consultations are important. They give us the time to assess your needs, and do an up-to-date Allergy Alert Test, and Incompatibility Test. This is required for anyone who:

- has not had a colour with us before

- has not had a colour with us for 6 months

- has coloured the hair themselves in between appointments

- has a change in medical history including covid and any other medical change such as pregnancy

- is wanting a change

- has previously had an allergic reaction to colour

For cases like pregnancy and  allergies and those who cannot wait the usual 72 hours, we have allergy free colouring options. These are not suitable for everyone, but we can discuss this option during the consultation.

We cannot do Allergy Alert Tests for under 16's, but we can use our elumen and fabuloso range instead, but we still cannot put these colours on the scalp/

Colour consultations cost £10, and this does come off the final price of the service. Should we decide that hair colouring is not an option we may put the credit towards another service or product.

  • Colour Consultation (10mins) £10

  • 4-8 Weeks Regrowth (no foils) [40g](15-45-45mins) £51

  • 4-8 Weeks Regrowth with Olaplex (no foils) [40g] (15-75-45mins) £74

  • Full Head Colour [100g] (30-45-45mins) £61

  • Full Head Olaplex Colour [100g] (30-65-45mins) £83

  • Full Head Colour Extra [300g] (45-45-45mins) £93

  • Full Head Olaplex Colour Extra [300g] (45-65-45mins) £116

  • Full Head Foils [100g] (45-45-45mins) £79

  • Full Head Olaplex Foils [100g] (45-45-45mins) £103

  • Full Head Foils Extra [300g] (60-45-45mins) £95

  • Full Head Olaplex Foils Extra [300g] (60-45-45mins) £127

  • T Section / Face Framers / Scattered [40g] (20-45-45) £52

  • T Section / Face Framers / Scattered with Olaplex [40g] (20-65-45) £75

The below maybe added to a service

  • Toner [200g] (30mins) £35

  • Root Bleach Out 4-6week regrowth [50g] (15mins) £31

  • Add Olaplex to Colour Services £22

  • Additional 15mins of time £10

  • Add Conditioning Treatment  from £15

For Colour Corrections, Big Colour Work, Vivid & Pastel Colours, going from 'Black to Blonde', please look at the Special Colour Service section.


Specialist Colouring Service

Goldwell Elumen is the specialist colour range that we us for our bright and pastel range. It has real lasting power unlike any other bright range we have seen before. If anything the hard part is removing it! The best bit is that it  has no PPD or ammonia too so perfect for people with allergies.

  • Full Head Colour Elumen [100g] (45-45-45mins) £77.50

  • Full Head Colour Elumen Extra [300g] (60-45-45mins) £121

  • Full Head Foils Elumen [100g] (60-45-45mins) £85

  • Full Head Foils Elumen Extra [300g] (75-45-45mins) £130.00

  • Additonal 40g of Elumen £14

  • Additional 15mins of time £10

Big colour work like balayage and colour corrections, and creative colouring require specific colour placement , and keep an eye on your colour so we can keep the integrity of your hair. For this reason we do not book anyone else in between your service and your have our undivided attention. For an accurate price please book in for a consultation but in the meantime this may give you an idea of the prices.

  • Specialist Colour with Olaplex 4 hours [200g] £180

  • Specialist Colour with Olaplex 5 hours [300g] £225

  • Specialist Colour with Olaplex 7hours [600g] £319

  • Specialist Elumen Colour with Olaplex 4 hours [200g] £200

  • Specialist Elumen Colour with Olaplex 5 hours [300g] £230.50

  • Specialist Elumen Colour with Olaplex 7 hours [600g] £331

  • Additonal Colour [40g] £10

  • Additonal Elumen Colour [40g] £14

  • Platinum Card Service 8.5hours £450

Keratin Smoothing System

Infuse keratin in to your hair for a service that really smooths out any kinks. Saving you time and energy. Service last up to 4 months proving you have the correct aftercare which includes using sulphate phosphate and sodium free products.

  • Bronze Standard Smoothing [30ml] (150mins)£110.00

  • Silver Standard Smoothing [50ml] (210mins) £147

  • Add 30ml Gold Standard, suitable for afro (210mins) £147

  • 50ml Platinum Standard Smoothing , suitable for afro (240min) £180

  • add 30ml of treatment £20

  • additional 15mins £10


Our perming includes a hair cut, speak to our perming specialist Racheal to find out which would be suitable for you. If you have never had a perm with us before please go online and book a perm consultation. These cost £10 but can be deducted from your future service.

  • Perm Consultation £10

  • Root Perm £60.50

  • Top Perm £60.50

  • Full Perm £65.50

Curling & Plaiting Worshop

Spend 1.5 hours with one of expert stylist. They will give you some tips on how to curl your own hair and giving away a few of our secrets.

  • One to One £45

  • Two to One £60

This workshop is aimed at both men and women who struggle to do the simplest of plaits for their own children. We will practice steps with a practive head and then promote you to preacticing on your child. We are able to give reali life tips.

  • Plaiting/Braiding workshop £60

Child Friendly Sessions

Child Friendly Sessions are designed for children that struggle with the hairdressing experience, in particular children with autism. Your child does not need to have SEN needs to book this

To learn more about what we do and to find out some handy tips please click the link to learn more.


Alternative Hair Solutions

Alternative Hair Solution Consultation: 45 minute £30 

This is ideal for people suffering with hair loss or are part of the LGBTQ community.

The full cost of the wigs and top pieces can be anything from £100 to £3000. Please visit the information page before booking your consultation. 

Hair Extensions

  • Consultation £10

  • Fitting from £85

  • Maintenance Blow dry from £45

  • Removal from £45

  • Additonal 15mins £10

Please follow the link below to find out more about hair extensions