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Every Child Deserves a hair cut including yours!

Some children find the salon environment distracting and stressful, especially for children with learning difficulties such as Asperger and autism. Here at Hairavanti and Hairavanti Barbers we firmly believe that every child deserves a hair cut without fear of judgment from the stylist and from others.

We have put together a program that will suit the individual childs needs so that we can make the salon experience a positive one.

When booking on to our Child Friendly Session you will be sent a form to fill out so that we can learn as much about your child before you come to the salon. There will be a space for you to add anything that you feel is important that we may have missed. You will also be sent a video via WhatsApp which gives you a tour of the salon , introduces you to the hair stylist and barber and goes through the equipment we may use including the PPE that we need to wear. The focus of this is to make your child as familiar with the experience BEFORE entering the salon and we have some great tips and tricks.

When booking online or over the phone remember to request the 'child friendly sessions'. This allows us longer time and emails you the correct forms.

Please scroll down for further information.

Child Friendly Sessions: Text

A bit more detail

We have several different spaces we can use for the hair cut, after discussing with you we will choose the most appropriate space.

We will use the timer to help your child get an idea of how long the service will take.

We will use a gown to help protect their clothes from all the hair cutttings. We recommend that you bring a fresh top in to make them more comfortable. Sometimes the gown is too much of a distraction and we may not be able to use it.

In general, we use clippers, scissors and hairdryers. If you child struggles with noise we can avoid using the hairdryer and clippers, but we are purpose bought the quietest tools possible. Try ear plugs to help cancel out noise, unfortunately on this occasion noise cancelling headphones will not work as we need to get to the hair.

If you can come to the appointment with clean wet hair we may not need to spray the hair down , or at least not as much.

Before the hair cut, practice combing the hair down so that your child gets used to the movement. For boys, or girls with short hair, also practice combing the hair up at the back and bending the ears.

Bring a favourite book or tablet with you so that we can distract them by something that they are already familiar with.

Our little gift afterwards includes 2 stickers and a lolly pop. Please let us know if these are unsuitable for any reason. The packet will be given to the parent at the end.

The sitting position of your child is important for us to cut the hair correctly. Back straight and head down for when we are working at the back. Your hairdresser or barber will help instruct  but moving the book/tablet lower down so the head will be in the correct position will help us.

We have created a little video which shows your child around the salon, and will hopefully make our business a more familiar place. Then video also shows what masks and visors we wear to make it less distressful. 

We will have an allotted time to do the hair cut and for most children that is enough. On occasion it does take more that one visit to get a quality hair cut (depending on stress levels and movement), and that’s OK. Book a time when your child is not distracted or tired.

Ask your stylist if you can bring your child to your hair appointment so that your child can watch you get you hair cut. This will assist in making the action familiar.

It takes time and patience for a child that finds having a hair cut traumatic. It does get better and it will get easier. We are here to say that your child deserves a stress-free no-judgement hair cut and that is what we will work towards. The reward of a positive salon experience is the best!


  • Fill the form out so that we have as much useful information as possible

  • Book a time that your child wont be tired  and will be mentally prepared

  • Watch the video with your child in 2 parts. The first part is showing all the areas of the salon we might use, The second shows our equipment, and meeting the stylists.

  • Practice at home with the comb & bending the ears

  • Bring  a book/tablet for a positive distraction

  • Bring a clean top for afterwards

  • Take your child to your own hair appointments

  • Come visit us whenever you are in town to say hi and make the place more familiar

Child Friendly Sessions: Text
Child Friendly Sessions: Image
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