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It's really hard to quote for hair extensions without first seeing your hair BUT we can do a consultation to work this out. Fitting from £85, hair is anything between £100 - £400. Average total price is usually around the £270 mark.

During the consultation we assess:
• Suitability
• Technique
• Desired length
• Hair Quality
• Colours
• Aftercare Requirements

We do 5 different types of fitting :
LA Weave, micro bonds, nano bonds, nano flexi bonds, and tapes.

We have everything from 14" to 22".

We supply ethically sourced hair which is cuticle correct, and 100% virgin.

We charge £10 for the consultation but that comes off the full price of the service. Should we decide not to go through with hair extensions for any reason you can put the £10 towards another service or product.

NEW FOR 2021

We've partnered with to bring you flexible payments at checkout! Your bill is split into 3 equal payments which are collected every 30 days. No added interest or fees.
Please spend responsibly. 18+ T&Cs apply. Visit: #smooothshopping #klarna

We also stock some FLASH COLOURS for £7 available in grey, pale blue, midnight blue, unicorn pink and lilac.

Hair Extensions: Headliner
Hair Extension Colors


Always tailored to your needs

Fitting starts from £75


also know as a Weft or a Celebrity Weave

Micro rings are used to build a track for the weft to be sewn in.

This is method is great for adding a lot of volume with minimum maintenance. 

14" Ultimate 100g £130

18" Ultimate 100g £185

22" Ultimate 100g £250

We have the new nano weft which allows for a more discreet attachment.

Luxury  18" 88g £180

All prices are from and do not include fitting or postage.


Traditonal or Flexi

Nanos are small! They are perfect for people who want a discreet fitting.

18" Luxury .60g/30g  50 strands £44

22" Luxury .90g/45g 50 strands  £88

16" Indian Remy 1g/25g  25 strands £35

20" Indian Remy 1g/25g 25 strands £43

22" Indian Remy 1g/25g s5 strands £48

Additional charge for fitting, specialist colours and postage.


Traditional Tape

These are by far, our most popular methods. They are easy to apply, extremely comfortable and easy to remove.

Luxury Pastel 18" Pastel Individual £7

Luxury 18" 45g £66

Luxury 22" 45g £88

Ultimate 14" 33g £50

Ultimate 18"  45g £80

Ultimate 18" Perfect Series Injected Tape 45g £88

Additional charge for fitting, specialist colours and postage.

An average head of hair will need 2-3 packs.


Product Subtitle

Micro ring is a flexible all rounder and there are not many people who this style would not be suitable for.

Pure 18inch 30g £40 50 strands

Luxury 18" 35g £44 50 strands

Luxury 22" 35g £88 50 strands

Ultimate 18" 35g £68 50 strands

Additional charge for fitting, specialist colours and postage.

Average head of hair needs about 125-150 strands for a full look. 

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